A Beginner's

Guide to tofu

an introduction to cooking and eating tofu along with 20+ mouthwatering recipes perfect for any level cook!

Let’s get real for a second, friend


Do you constantly find yourself interested in eating more tofu but not sure how to cook it?

Have you ever felt like you simply can't eat another bean or lentil, but simply unsure what other plant-based proteins to cook?

Are you on the hunt for new ways to add variety to your meals?

Do you feel discouraged time and again trying out new tofu recipes only to be disappointed?


Which is why I spent years experimenting, tweaking, testing, and trying tofu in so many different ways. 

And for the first time ever, I'm sharing with you a 50 page guide to cooking with tofu to help you feel more at ease cooking and eating it in meals.

inside a beginner's guide to tofu

you will find lots to get you started!


  • learn about the different types of tofu
  • discover how to store it
  • experiment with the best ways to cook it
  • how to add flavor
  • + 24 mouthwatering recipes
  • AND lots more!


The key to making tofu tastes great! Enjoy six easy recipes you can make and use in a variety of different ways. 

tofu crumbles

Tofu crumbles are perfect for beginners eating and cooking tofu. Using this method to cook tofu is easy and it cooks up with a nice texture.

crispy tofu

One of my favorite ways to enjoy tofu is adding a delicious crunchy breading! Experiment with traditional breading recipes such as crispy panko as well as more unique crusts such as those made with quinoa and coconut.

tofu recipe collection

Put it all together in 8 easy tofu recipes! This section combines all the various methods and ways of preparing tofu in eight unique dishes you can prepare for dinner.

I’m not holding back and I’m not keeping secrets; this is the real deal, designed to walk you through tried-and-true steps to get started enjoying tofu in your meals.

You’ll learn how to...

Buy the right kind of tofu for your recipe.


Press tofu before cooking and when it's needed.


Use tofu to create healthy and nutritious meals.


Store tofu in your home.


Use different cooking methods to prepare tofu.


Cook and prepare up to 24 different recipes.

Ok, so how can i access this cookbook and guide?

The kind of knowledge contained in this guide will help you master cooking tofu and help make dinner time more interesting and less stressful!  My goal is to provide you with all my knowledge at a price that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why for a limited time only, I’m offering A Beginner's Guide to Tofu for only.


Limited time only free bonus

Mini e-book - Sauces to serve with tofu


Wait, there’s more? That’s right friend

In addition to the 50-page cookbook spilling all of my tofu secrets, I’m also including a bonus collection of easy sauces to serve with tofu!

Even better – you can use these sauces to serve in other meals as well. In addition to this bonus you will also receive my vegetarian meal prep getting started guide to help you find more ways to save time when it comes to cooking dinner.

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It’s time to up your meals!!